Want a healthy home? Consider your carpet ! SIMPLY CLEAN Carpet Care ( Lexington, KY )

Many people do not take into consideration that the cleaner they keep their carpets the healthier their living environment will be.  SIMPLY CLEAN Carpet Care in Lexington, Kentucky specializes in reducing contaminates embedded deep in the carpet fibers that are not visible to the naked eye. We clean our homes by dusting and vaccuming and the house looks and smells great but little do we realize there are dust particles and dirt that are NOT  being removed.  SIMPLY CLEAN Carpet Care now offers the worlds only patented OPE (oscillating pad extraction ) low moisture cleaning.  We strive to stay on the cutting edge of the newest carpet cleaning technology and our newest machine is our fastest, deepest carpet cleaning to date.  We still take pride in the fact that we do NOT use tons of water or steam but the oscillation does the work.  Oscillation  involves agitation and extraction  which brings the dirt and contaminates out of the carpet and into the pad.  We care  for our customers and  the environment , we do not use harsh detergents or chemicals  but hypo-allergenic,  green cleaning agents.  If you are looking for cleaner carpets and want a healthy home, consider calling SIMPLY CLEAN today @ 859-321-2070 for a free estimate .
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