Short on time? A “quick dry” carpet cleaning is your answer @ SIMPLY CLEAN CARPET CARE in LEXINGTON, KY

We are fast approaching the Holiday Season and the number one question from callers interested in our services at SIMPLY CLEAN CARPET CARE is, ” how long will it take for my carpet to dry ? ”  Many are pressed for time from the hustle and bustle or maybe they want to have a family gathering and realize they really should have the carpets cleaned before they welcome their guests.  Our answer to that question is,  ABOUT AN HOUR !   SIMPLY CLEAN Carpet Care uses a VLM (very low moisture) system.   We never soak the carpet with water, which can take days to totally dry.  Our state of the art cleaning process uses minimal water, green cleaning agents and high agitation with microfiber pads to remove the dirt and contaminates out of the carpet. Our method of carpet cleaning involves oscillating pad extraction.  We have 15 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry and are currently using the newest machine to date within the Trinity Renewal System.  We strive to stay on the cutting edge of  the newest, most beneficial floor cleaning method for our customers. This carpet cleaning method has proven time after time that it simply gets carpets cleaner and less water= QUICK DRY TIMES! Our customers say their carpets stay cleaner and aggravating stains do not come back.  If you are in search of  getting your carpets cleaned and like the idea of QUICK DRY time call us today @ 859-321-2070 to schedule an appointment or visit our website @
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