Pet stains and odors out of carpet … Simply Clean Carpet Care , Lexington, KY

Simply Clean Carpet Care in Lexington, Ky  has great success removing stubborn pet stains and odors.   We  get many calls from customers who  have beautiful carpet but unfortunately their furry friend has left stains and odors on that carpet that is not only difficult to remove but left a strong odor as well.  Pet urine does not stay on the surface of the carpet.  Gravity takes over and it ends up on the backing and the pad.    We have total confidence in our cleaning method and our customers are highly pleased with the results.   We use blacklight detection to locate exactly where the stubborn urine stains are hiding.  We have found in a darkened room a blacklight causes urine stains to really stand out and this allows  more  accurate results for pet stain removal.  After determing where the pet stains are,  we pre-treat the carpet with a non- harsh cleaning solution which will give the room a fresh scent.  Next step is to use our state of the art oscillating pad machine ( Trinty Renewal System. )  Our  cleaning method uses high agitation to loosen up the dirt,  pet stains and odors and then it is extracted out of the carpet and right into the pad.  Our method of cleaning dries in about a hour.   Call today for a free estimate to have your pet stains removed and carpets feeling fresh again.     SIMPLY CLEAN Carpet Care  @  859-321-2070



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