Got Allergies ? Call SIMPLY CLEAN CARPET CARE in Lexington, Ky

Many of our customers suffer from allergies, especially dust and mold.  At  Simply Clean Carpet Care we are able to remove on average  93-96 % of  contaminates from the carpet using our  state of the art carpet cleaning system.  Our  OPE ( oscillating pad encapsulation) method  uses a high agitation technique  that  powerlifts  the carpet  fibers which brings up those  dust particles and they are  vacuumed away.  We do not soak the carpet with tons of water which can wreak havoc on those allergic to mold ( we all know excess water and carpet don’t go well together)  but we  use a low moisture cleaning method ( less water and higher agitation) along with a hypo allergenic stain fighting agent that makes the carpet cleaner and makes it feel like new again.    We can also perform an ATP test on the carpet to measure  surface cleanliness.    Unfamiliar with ATP testing?  It is pretty simple. We use  disposable test swabs that measure for micro-organisms  before and  after cleaning.  Our carpet cleaning system has proven time and time again after ATP testing that micr0-organisms growing in the carpet are greatly diminished  with a low moisture, high agitation, green cleaning method.   Your carpet will dry in about an hour and by trusting our proven  OPE cleaning system your carpet  will stay cleaner longer.  Call today for information or to schedule an appointment with SIMPLY CLEAN CARPET CARE  @ 859-321-2070.
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