The Encapsulation/Extraction Process

A. The problem:

  • Carpets that are filled with sticky stains, soils and residues that do not remove well with HWE (Hot Water Extraction also known as Steam Cleaning).
  • Reoccurring stains from wicking of the carpet.
  • Quick re-soiling after cleaning.
  • All too often carpets re-soil quickly after cleaning, or look like they haven’t even been cleaned a week or two after they were “cleaned”.
  • A lot of this is a chemistry problem.

B. The goal:
To remove this 21% of what is in the carpet, as 79% is particulates that can be removed by vacuuming. To somehow remove what is attached to the fiber and to keep it from reattaching to the carpet fiber thus making the carpets stay clean longer and resist soiling. To be able to transform the “stickies” into something that can be removed easily.

C. The Mechanics:
How do we get from point A to point B?

By using chemistry and agitation we can liquefy these sticky residues, soils, spills and stains. By adding a polymer in the cleaning process we can coat this residue and keep it from reattaching to the carpet fibers.

How the micelles work

People are often curious how a encapsulant product can remove grease and oils, it is done by the use of micellar systems that have the unique property of being able to solubulize both hydrophobic and hydrophilic compounds. We can actually remove and coat grease droplets to aid in the removal of contaminants in carpets. The hydrophilic end of the surfactant molecules remain in contact with the aquenois solution encompassing the micelle. So when a surfactant is in water and agitated with oil, that oil is attrached to the micelles, the micelles are fond of water so the oil can be detached into minute droplets. These micelles don’t let the oil congregate in to larger droplets, hence the oil remains suspended in water. This allows us to remove and or coat said droplets with a polymer.

Another issue is how to speed up the agitation process to enbable the emulsion of the “stickies” into a liquid that can be stripped from the carpet fibers and not reattach while drying. This is where the Patented New Trinity Series OPE machines from Trinity Renewal Systems “oscillating pad extraction” machines come into play. Their high speed agitation, similar to a clothers washer with several paddles, agitate the moisture and cleaning/encapsulant products through the fibers as such a speed and with such force as to totally strip the carpet fiber and then while stripped the fiber itself is coated with the encapsulant. Also all “stickies” that have been stripped and liquified are also mixed with the encapsulant thus not allowing it to reattach to the carpet fiber.In short, what we are doing is transforming the “stickies” that make your carpet look bad into more particulates that can be removed by vacuuming. Chemistry and super high speed agitation cause this process to be so effective and the fast drying times [little down time] and how long the carpet stays clean [an added value] makes it very attractive to our carpet cleaning customers.
One more component to this process that is often overlooked is the capability of the Patented New Trinity Series OPE machines from Trinity Renewal Systems, to extract soil as well as encapsulate it. Many of the encapsulating machines use agitation, low speed rotaries, counter rotating brush machines, planetary machines etc. often don’t utilize soil removal with their encapsulation process, that is why ours is an encapsualtion/extraction process. We remove the bulk of the soil which in turn improves the capabilities of the encapsulant product.

D. The result:

  • A product that lasts longer for the client, thus enhancing the value of the cleaning process.
  • A product with a better appearance.
  • Dries extremely quickly
  • Vacuums out easily
  • It eliminates recurring spill stains and wicking.
  • Lengthens time between cleanings, Carpets stay clean approximately 50% longer
  • Extends life of the carpet
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • The ideal choice for commercial and residential carpet cleaning
A continuing Debate.
It is widely accepted that Encapsulation/Extraction is the best process for commercial carpet, however,  some remain skeptical about its use in residential settings. Fact is, either the process works or it doesn’t. We have found after 10 years of cleaning both commercial and residential jobs, that it works equally well in both settings.
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