Trinity Renewal Systems is providing all your needs as a new carpet cleaner!

TRS is known for having not only many years of experience in the cleaning field, but manufacturing the most efficient double oscillating machine.
Working hard to produce the safest and easiest chemicals to use and every part and/or tools needed to start your very own carpet cleaning business.
We have a full staff of trustworthy employees who put their all in building, supplying and mixing up thee top cleaning method available.

Our safe and non-toxic cleaning products along side the double oscillating machine and quick carpet drying time; you can not beat all there is to offer.
If you are interested in starting your own residential and/or commercial carpet cleaning business, you are visiting the right place. We will help you get started,
with a full manual available to know everything about the machine you will be running and how to clean with our chemicals, you will not need to endlessly search
all over the net to find parts, and products that work.

Trinity Renewal Systems offers ph balanced go green chemicals with bacteria fighting colloidal silver, encapsulation products that crystallize the dirt, grease, odors,
and stains in your carpet then shatters so you can vacuum away the filth with ease. Also offering many specific spot removing cleaners non of which will leave any form of
sticky residue in your carpets. Most importantly, we build machines that are made to last, with countless brushes and pads to get the job done right whether it be tile and grout,
hardwood, concrete, carpet, oriental rugs or marble counter tops.

If you want to start your own business or interested in learning more about Trinity Renewal Systems, give our office a call.
Our hours are from 9-5 Eastern time. Give us a ring at (859)744-5332.
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Trinity Renewal Systems Organization
7980 Mount Sterling Road WinchesterKY40391 USA 
 • 859-744-3311

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