Cleaning Methods

American Maid offers a special OSCILLATING PAD EXTRACTION.  This cleaning method deeply cleans the carpets by spraying on a safe cleaner made for your carpet and then using our special absorbant pads driven by our Trinity Profit machine to lift the soil.  This benefits our clients by giving them a faster drying time, stain removal, and pet urine removal.  The cleaning product we use encapsulates the soil and easily removes it from your carpet fibers transforming it into a dry crystal that we easily vacuum up.  This helps keep your carpet clean longer than other cleaning methods.

We also offer a “Deep” cleaning method for your wood floors or tile and grout to make them look fresh and new again.  Our Trinity Profit has interchangeable heads and pads, along with all of our top of line cleaners, that get in the grooves of your flooring to bring out the dirt and grime built up that you may not even know is there.  This will prevent warping of your wood floors and bring them back to life again and give that tile and grout and good cleaning!

We can even clean that garage floor by using a cleaner on your cement just for oil and rust.  You just may be surprised how good your garage can look.

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