About Our Company


 American Maid is a family owned and operated company.  We started this business in 2004 with the “old fashioned” way of hard work in mind.  We both learned this from our parents. Both of us grew up in the Treasure Valley and learned small town values of being “neighborly” growing up.  We wanted to start a company that we could be proud of to support our little family and have “calls” become “clients” and “clients” become our “friends”.  We have achieved that over the years by giving our utmost customer service to each individual.  Each time we go into a home or business, we try to leave the client with more than they expected when we walked in the door.  We don’t believe in over-charging.  This way, our clients will want to call us back the next time they need our help.  Our phones are always open, even just to chat.  We love our work and hope to do this as long as we can so give us a call, you will be happy that you did!

Dustin and Melanie Steinhaus


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